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NurAiD™II (MLC 901) is a compound based on natural extracts that helps patients recover faster and better from their stroke disabilities.

NurAiD™II is composed of nine ingredients from plants. It’s a pleiotropic preparation, acting as a recovery stimulator.


Recommended dosage per course of treatment is to take two capsules three times a day for three months.
The first results are usually observed as early as three to five weeks after treatment initiation and in most cases before two months, and we recommend three courses of the one-month treatment taken without interruption to achieve best results.
NurAiD™II has a very safe profile; therefore, patients who feel they continue to improve after three months can continue taking it for up to six months or longer.

NurAiD™II is most effective when taken daily during treatment. If you happen to forget to take your NurAiD™II capsules once, there’s no need to double up on NurAiD™II capsules the next time—just take the next capsules at your usual time. We recommend that you take your NurAiD™II capsules as part of a regular routine, as it will support more effective results.

NurAiD™II can be prescribed to patients suffering from a stroke and brain trauma injury:
  • Average and severe, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
  • Acute and chronic phase of the stroke
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
NurAiDII is marketed in France and Belgium as a food supplement and available for sale on this website and a few pharmacies in France and Belgium.  

NeuroAiD™ creates a favorable environment to enhance neuroplasticity.

Specifically, NeuroAiD™ triggers the production of new neurons in the brain (neurogenesis) and favors connections between neurons by stimulating the formation of dendrites and synapses (neuroplasticity).
This process favors the formation of new functional neuronal circuits, which are keys to a fuller poststroke recovery. Changes in the brain materialize into more progress in neurological functions during rehabilitation. This neurorehabilitative activity of NeuroAiD™ was established in 2010 by a team of French scientists, and results were published in a peer-reviewed international journal.

Origins of NurAiD™II

Plants are a source of several medical treatments.

A large number of widely prescribed treatments in the West come from plants: aspirin, of course, but also Taxotere (extracted from Western yew) in the treatment for breast cancer, Reminyl or galantamine (extracted from snowdrop) to treat light to moderate forms of Alzheimer’s, and velbe or vinblastine (extracted from Madagascar periwinkle) to treat lung cancer, breast cancer, and lymphoma.

NurAiD™II is derived from NeuroAiD™ (MLC 601), a poststroke recovery treatment, which has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

NeuroAiD (MLC 601) was first launched in China in 2001; it has been marketed out of China since 2006 by Moleac, a biopharmaceutical company founded by French entrepreneurs in Singapore and its French affiliate since 2008. It is registered in twenty countries in Asia and the Middle East and is well established among medical practitioners and patients. Since its launch, Moleac has placed at the patient’s disposal nearly 30,000 months of treatment of NeuroAiD (MLC 601).

(MLC 601) has undergone preclinical and clinical developments that have established its good tolerance and efficicacy.

Moleac, a biopharmaceutical company, has been developing NeuroAiD in poststroke recovery for ten years. Two formulas are currently marketed:
  • MLC 601: marketed in Asia and the Middle East by Moleac under the brand NeuroAiD.
  • MLC 901: marketed in Europe by Moleac’s European affiliate, under the name NurAiDII, a recovery stimulator in the food supplement category.

NurAiDII has been launched after the CNRS team has proven that the two formulas, NeuroAiD™ (MLC 601) and NurAiD™II (MLC 901), are pharmacological equivalent. The results obtained were published in Neuropharmacology,¹ in February 2010.

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